Activities of the Ekayana Institute

Among the continuous Ekayana activities are: taking care of the practitioners in the retreat house, offering study material in the media library, publishing books in the Norbu Verlag, and organizing the public courses and retreats. All irregular activities, like exchanges on different topics, working groups, translations etc. adapt themselves to changing needs and circumstances.

"Grüner Baum" Retreathouse

The retreathouse is a place where the theoretical and the practical knowledge of the Buddhist tradition flow together. In retreats of varying length from one month to several years, we study the dharma and deepen mental calm and insight, while integrating what we learn and experience into the communal life in the house and later on into social life in general.
Retreathouse Ekayana
The Retreathouse of Ekayana in the Raitenbucher Valley
Lotus Flower
Lotusblume ein zentrales Symbol des Buddhismus

Ekayana Endowment Fund (Ekayana Stiftungsfonds)

The "EKAYANA Endowment Fund for Contemporary Buddhism" is a donation basket for projects that contribute to the integration of Buddhist values and insights into society. Special emphasis is placed on cross-traditional cooperation between different Buddhist groups and on the interaction of Buddhist understanding with contemporary ecological, philosophical and pedagogical insights, with humanistic approaches and social commitment. 

Basic Dharma Course

The Dharma Foundation Course focuses on Buddhist teachings and principles to provide participants with a deeper understanding of the four noble truths and the eightfold path. Combining theoretical knowledge and practical application, the course provides a solid foundation for integrating Buddhist practices and philosophies into daily life.
Zeigt Dharma Bücher im Regal
Norbu Publisher books in the Ekayana Retreathaus ©Ekayana-Institut
Zeigt Ausblick aus Wohnwagen in Raitenbuch mit Dharma Text
View from Caravan of the Retreathouse ©Ekayana-Institut

Ekayana Support Group

An Ekayana support group is in the making and is for all who care about the Dharma and Ekayana. This is to collect topics, initiate and structure groups and pass on skills to future generations. Let us look at the future with a view beyond Lhündrup and carry on the vision of Ekayana with passion and dedication.


An ecological awareness is the most natural expression of our Inner Path. Dharma and ecology are inseparable. In this secton you find some basic reflections on "Buddhism and Ecology", written by Lama Lhundrup, director of the Ekayana Institute.
Regenwald im Amazonas Ecuador
Amazonas Regenwald