Meditation for beginners

It is not about changing others or the world, but about mastering your own mind.

Here you will find an overview and explanations on how to practice mediation as a beginner. Since our teachers have been teaching meditation for many years, there are already quite a few meditation exercises in the mediathek. There are guided meditations as audio, video or texts. Always together with different explanations to the respective heart topic.

Ultimately, this site is not only for beginners. Because people who have been practicing meditation for a longer time are beginners, too. A meditation is always “fresh”. We always find ourselves in this freshness. In the ordinary mind. The numerous methods of meditation lead us into this natural being.

With the following selection of media you can escape from your hectic daily life and get inspired for your spiritual practice.

As a beginner to meditation, it is especially important not to overexert yourself. Short meditations and physical relaxation exercises in between will help you more than torturing yourself for hours in an uncomfortable position.

Short meditations and a regular meditation will bring you much more than if you want to meditate for hours. Then you are very quickly in your personal and stress patterns. Then your ambition prevents you from entering into real meditation.

For the beginning it can also be helpful to listen to a guided meditation from our mediathek. You can find many guided meditations e.g. in the whole Mahamudra transmissions. And of course check out the program. There are numerous on-site events in which you can participate as a beginner.

Have fun and inspiration with the mediums.

Entry into practice

“Awareness includes both being mindful of something and simply being in awake, fully detached presence, which we also call mahamudra.” (Translation)
Lama Tilmann Lhündrup from Mahamudra & Vipassana

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Media for beginners and for getting started

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