Media of the Ekayana Institute

Here you will find a selection of Dharma texts, audios and videos. These precious Dharma teachings would not have been possible without suitable teachers and masters of the past centuries. Through an authentic transmission from teacher to student, they have remained alive to this day and are passed on by extraordinary teachers. May the heart of the teachings benefit all living beings. May the Dharma spread in all directions and alleviate the suffering of living beings like a medicine.

Selection of our media

Let yourself be inspired by the
texts, audios and videos in our media library. There are individual categories, such as “For Beginners” or “New Media” and in addition, the media are divided into different subject areas. The media in the individual subject areas can also overlap.


Om mani padme hum


We have divided our media into the following subject areas. Each subject area contains audios, videos and texts.
The media are also divided into different types. This means:

  • Introductory talks on the topic – Also perfect for getting started (Public Talk)
  • Meditation Instructions on the respective topic (Types of Teaching All Meditation Instructions / Guided Meditation)

Further categorization is still in progress.