Dharma Basic Course

The Dharma Foundation Course provides a comprehensive introduction to the basic principles and practices of Buddhism from a non-religious perspective. This course is designed for anyone interested in learning more about this vast philosophical and spiritual tradition. Participants will be introduced to the four noble truths, the basic framework of the Buddhist understanding of suffering and its cessation, as well as the eightfold path, which serves as a practical path to liberation.

In addition, the course delves into the fascinating topics of karma - the law of cause and effect, samsara - the cycle of birth, death and rebirth, and nirvana - the state of liberation from this cycle. These concepts are explored in detail andrelated to daily challenges . And the profound concepts behind these terms are explained. Through a combination of on-site events, online courses, group work and meditation practices, participants will gain both theoretical knowledge and practical skills for their own spiritual journey. The Dharma Foundation Course thus lays the foundation for a deeper understanding of Buddhism and its application in daily life.

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