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Prehistory: The first four informal meetings of the support group took place in June and August 2023 in Freiburg, Berlin and Titisee. An email distribution list has been set up and we will soon be announcing the first joint meeting of all interested parties via video stream to continue the thread. Here is the status of our deliberations:

Definition: The support group consists of committed people who care about the Ekayana vision and offers the opportunity to work for a Dharma that is open to tradition. The members discuss the organization of the Institute’s activities, options for Dharma training, accompanying group activities, the medium and long-term financing of the Institute and meaningful forms of organization. They support the Ekayana Institute concretely with their knowledge, commitment and ideas, in addition to the donations that everyone gives. The members of the Sponsors’ Association promote the realization of the Institute’s vision and also implement it themselves. They are the permanent core of those interested in Ekayana in the long term.
Concrete tasks: The members of the support group collect topics for teaching, encourage exchanges in topic-oriented groups, prepare formats for various group meetings and thus enable structured group work with corresponding guidelines. In the support group, we think together – young and old – about how practitioners can be meaningfully supported in the long term on their path to a free, meaningful existence. In other words, we think beyond Lhündrup and the currently active Dharma teachers. It is about building a cascade system in further education. We are committed to this in the support group:
  • to promote Dharma training in every form,
  • to provide competent Dharma teachers and assistants and
  • to cooperate with all who work reliably in the same direction
Shows Ekayana Förderkreis at the course
Zeigt Ekayana Förderkreis beim Kurs

The fruits could look like this: Assistants are prepared for specific subject areas and the learning processes that take place are documented in a comprehensible manner. A shared platform provides access to all the valuable learning material and connects like-minded Dharma practitioners. In this way, new, different Sangha circles and peer groups can be formed on an ongoing basis, which come together through a specific interest in certain topics or through personal acquaintance, age-related interests and regional proximity. The members of the support group are committed to the Ekayana vision of a profound Dharma that is open to tradition. With the necessary pedagogical know-how, they create inspiring training courses and provide support for interested groups through assistants.

The basic framework for the activities of the support group consists of the 10-year Dharma cycle and the opportunity to use the Green Tree as a common place for in-depth practice. It is not only about teaching and learning the traditional Dharma content, but also about:

  • the transfer into the small details of everyday life, which transforms us
  • Examples of exactly how to work with emotions
  • continuously combining theory and practice
  • the clarification of key terms
  • discovering Dharma teachings as healing medicine
  • networking teachings: how all aspects of the Dharma work together
  • building bridges of understanding to other approaches
  • promoting a serious as well as playful Dharma practice
  • Establishing the essential points of each teaching
  • to clarify the anchoring in the proven, traditional Dharma
  • We are concerned with the following background questions:

    • What does the Buddhist teaching serve us in the West?
    • How can we pass on this gift?
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    You can find more ideas that are not listed in this summary here:

    Förderkreis Brief Mai 2024
    Download PDF
    Update: 31.05.2024
    Weitere konkrete Ideen zum Ekayana-Förderkreis
    Download PDF
    Update: August 2023
    Documents on the support groupDownloadActuality
    Förderkreis Brief Mai 2024Brief an den Förderkreis 2024_05_2331.05.2024
    Weitere konkrete Ideen zum Ekayana-FörderkreisEkayana Förderkreis_Weitere konkrete Ideen 2023_08August 2023
    If you are interested in joining the Ekayana Sponsors' Circle and playing an active role, please subscribe to our support group e-mail list:
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    Erklärung zum Ekayana Logo

    Ekayana Institut Logo mit Tagline

    Das ausführliche Ekayana-Logo besteht aus

    • der Bildmarke (Kreis) ,
    • der Wortmarke (Name) sowie
    • dem erläuternden Schriftzug (Tag Line).


    Der Kreis symbolisiert Untrennbarkeit, Einheit und Zeigt Ekayana KreisLichthaftigkeit. In seiner Mitte ist eine gedachte Mondscheibe, die für erwachte Aktivität und den Geist des Erwachens steht. Die leuchtenden Übergänge und das leere Innere weisen hin auf die ungreifbare Natur aller Erfahrungen, ihren dynamischen Aspekt, die Freude des Erwachens und die leuchtende Weite des alles erhellenden Geistes.

    Die 3 Farben verweisen auf die 3 Silben Oṁ Āḥ Hūṁ der tibetisch-buddhistischen Tradition, die für Körper, Rede und Geist des Erwachens stehen und, die jeweils weiß, rot und blau dargestellt werden. Auf einer tieferen Ebene symbolisiert der Kreis die Einheit der drei Dimensionen des Erwachens – mitfühlende Manifestation, freudige Dynamik und ungreifbare Offenheit.


    Der (grau-) weiße Name von Ekayana steht in diagonaler Wechselwirkung mit dem entsprechenden weißen Teil des Kreises, als würde die entsprechende Silbe Oṁ der erwachten Aktivität ins Ekayana ausstrahlen.

    Erläuternder Schriftzug (Tag Line)

    Ekayana bedeutet Ein Weg oder „Ein Fahrzeug“. Gemeint ist der eine (Eka) Weg (yāna), bei allem liebevoll gewahr zu sein. Dies ist die eine Essenz buddhistischer Praxis: gewahr zu sein und sich immer wieder auf das Wesentliche zu besinnen (sati, smti), d.h. auf Liebe, Mitgefühl und Weisheit.

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